Children of celebrity parents: It is difficult to know who they are from

Some celebrities keep their families and offspring far from the public. And this mystery of celebrities interests everyone.

People try to know more about their favorite actors, or singers and their personal life. So this list will probably interest you. It showcases the famous people with their”unknown” kids you may have never heard of.

Sting and his daughter Eliot Sumner.

Sting's daughter opens up about her sexuality and why she didn't 'come out'  to family and friends - Mirror Online

Melanie Griffith and her famous daughter Dakota Johnson.

Dakota Johnson Calls Out Mom Melanie Griffith for Posting Pics Online - E!  Online

Robert De Niro and his son Raphael.

Robert De Niro Is a Grandfather Again!: ohnotheydidnt — LiveJournal - Page 2

Rowan Atkinson and his daughter Lily.

Lily Sastry: How well do you know Rowan Atkinson's daughter? | WHO Magazine

Adriano Celentano and his son Giacomo.

Giacomo Celentano, chi è il figlio di Adriano Celentano e Claudia Mori?  Età, dove e quando è nato, moglie Katia, figli, cosa fa nella vita, lavoro,  dove vive, FOTO, Instagram - DonnaPOP

Uma Turman and her daughter Maya Hawke.

Uma Thurman Cut Daughter Maya Hawke's Hair At HomeHelloGiggles

Cher and her son Chaz Bono.

Cher opens up about son Chaz Bono's transition

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