Kitten Rescued From Middle of Road, Brought to Vet with Head Injuries

When the veterinary technician was driving to work he noticed a little sock or shirt laying on the road. He passed by and reached the vet clinique.

15 minutes later, a woman holding a little kitten in her hands came in. The vet immediately understood that it was the little “sock or shirt laying in the road.”

He blamed himself for being so unattentive and began the thorough examination of the kitten. The poor one had a broken jaw and some head trauma. The vet a steroid injection, subcutaneous fluids, and pain medication, and started her on antibiotics.

The first 2 days were extremely difficult for the kitten but on the third day, the little one became better. If not for the careful woman and the vets in the clinique the kitten couldn’t have survived on a busy road with such injuries.

Soon the technician took the kitten home and she reached the other 3 cats in the house.

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