What was Angelina Jolie’s mother’s appearance like?

The well-known Angelina Jolie was devoted to her mother. She had always aspired to be the same kind of nurturing mother to her own children. Jolie owes her exceptional exterior data to her mother, who was quite attractive in her teens.

Marcheline Bertrand is a Hollywood celebrity’s mother. She was an actress who began her career in the 1970s and was born in May of the 50th year of the previous century. Marcheline was just 21 years old when she met Jon Voight, an actor who was already well-known at the time and eventually earned an Academy Award.

John and Marcheline married in the 71st century, and they had a son, James, and a daughter, whose name we all know. Bertrand was obliged to abandon her hopes of being a great actress after the birth of her children and dedicate herself totally to rearing heirs.

There were allegations that Angelina’s mother moved away from her because she saw her father’s qualities in her daughter, who ultimately left the family. However, as she grew older, Jolie grew close to her mother and saw her as the most giving, honest, clever, and loving person she knew. Angelina had always wished to be the same kind of caring mother to her children.


Marcheline backed her daughter’s endeavors, which allowed her to realize her mother’s ambition. Bertrand had exquisite features, luxuriant dark hair, a profound look, an expressive grin, and a graceful body, just like Jolie. She always looked natural and feminine, which she instilled in Angelina Jolie, who is widely regarded as a fashion icon.

Bertrand was interested in charitable work and sought to form a foundation that assisted Native Americans after her divorce from Voight in the 80th year. She began a relationship with an eminent director named Billy Day after she recovered from her breakup with John. Several pregnancies in this relationship terminated in miscarriage.

Angelina Jolie’s mother has been formally married to Tom Bessamre since 2002, and he has supported her till her death. Jolie gave birth to a daughter in 2006. Her mother had been battling an insidious oncological condition affecting the mammary glands and ovaries for over 10 years. She died in January 2007, but not before seeing her grandchild, about whom she had long fantasized. Angelina frequently recalls her mother and alludes to her in her mind.

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