It’s hard to see what happened to the famous Jon Snow

If someone is unaware of who the famous Jon Snow is then they should close this page and open up a new one with the Game Of Thrones switched in.

Kit Harington 'returning as Jon Snow' for Game of Thrones sequel | Metro  News

The TV Show brought great success to the actor Kit Harrington. But besides success, he also found the love of his life during the show. He is married to Rose Leslie who was performing teh role of Ygritte.

Kit Harington recalls 'horrifically romantic' time on 'Thrones' set

Though everyone remembers Jon with curly hair and a smooth face now the actor has changed a lot. He has perfectly styled hair and a beard.

Kit Harington Opens Up About Alcoholism and Depression

Recently world spread around teh globe and a Snow sequel in which Kit Harington will reprise his role as Jon Snow was in the works. It will be hard for the makeup professionals to change his appearance of Kit and make him look younger again.

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