She protected a cheetah kitten from trophy hunters, and it became her best friend.

The former part-time seasonal volunteer at the Cheetah Reservation in South Africa lives with an unusual pet.

The British girl Heather Tukey is 23 and lives happily in Beckenham, Kent. But she has an unusual pet rescued in the years of working in South Africa. They saved orphaned cheetahs who were destined for trophies for wealthy clients – for hunting.

The girl decided to rescue at least one cheetah but hadn’t imagined that it would go so far and she would bring the animal home. Heather Tukey spent 5,000 British pounds to get a little kitten named Teardrop.

The wild feline knew exactly who saved her from being someone’s carpet and adored her rescuer.

However, it was extremely hard to keep a cheetah as she had an irrepressible desire to lick her owner and Heather endured as much as she could. Heather confessed that sleeping with a cheetah was a great pleasure.

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