Scotsman Freaked Out by 4-Foot Corn Snake Living in Late Aunt’s Kitchen Sink

A kind Scotsman met a brightly-colored and fairly long corn snake and was frightened to death. He just decided to visit his dead aunt’s house and clear it out when he had this awful encounter.

corn snake

Paul Lawrie investigated teh whole house and seeing that it was unoccupied he went in with his daughter. His little daughter saw the snake and asked her dad why her aunt was keeping a snake in her sink. The dad thought that she was lying or that it was a toy but when he touched it he was scared as teh snake was alive.

corn snake

Though these species won’t make any harm and are not poisonous people are still scared of them. So Lawrie spent no time and called the Scottish SPCA. They spent an inspector who took teh snake with him.

Corn snakes are not poisonous but are good climbers. So if you notice one on your way let it go its way while you go yours.

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