Coast Guard crew comes to the rescue of ‘grateful’ dog who was trapped in icy water

On December 31, a five-man team from the US Coast Guard’s Detroit sector was actively checking the shoreline of the Detroit River.

When the team was already returning they spotted a small white dog who had fallen into the river and was trapped. So teh rescue team began its professional work.

It was 22-year-old Petty Officer Cole Harper who began creating a way across the thin ice to reach the dog. With the help of other team members, Harper managed to go and take the dog out of the icy water.

The team cared for the dog and tried to warm it up until they called Detroit Animal Care and Control arrived for assistance. No one knew whom the dog belonged or from where she appeared in this cold water but one day was for sure: soon she would find a forever home.

Not only Detroit Animal Care and Control would help teh dog but also the members of the Coast Guard Team. One of the members told them that he was going to take her home if no one was going to adopt the cute little pup.

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