Dog believed to be part wolf is looking for a home

All dogs are considered to be descended from wolfs. But their mating is still happening from time to time and the breed is called “wolfdogs.” However, the breeding of a dog and a wolf has been the subject of many laws and regulations throughout the US.

Zeus is one of these wolfdogs as he was considered one-third wolf and now has nowhere to go. Zeus is one-third German Shepherd, one-third Husky, and one-third wolf.

The Potter League For Animals, in Rhode Island, is currently searching for a home for Zeus. He has lived most of his life as an indoor dog and has lived with other dogs, cats and kids.

Despite being partly a “wild animal” the staff of the center is claiming that the dog has a perfect natural and is a very playful dog. So now Zeus is waiting for his forever home hoping that he won’t be alone anymore.

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