Fire crew comes to the rescue of horse who was trapped in sinkhole

Sinkholes are everywhere and not only humans can get trapped there but also animals can. They are in some unnoticed places and sometimes become the reason for various accidents.

Prince was an amazing 27-year-old horse who was enjoying a walk through the field at Calder Farm Equestrian. But soon the horse got trapped in a sinkhole. Only the great efforts of the West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service (WYFRS) helped the horse come out of the sinkhole.

The technical rescue officer and station manager Damian Cameron claimed that they even encountered cows stuck in a sinkhole. The rescue took less than an hour. The rescue team called Chappelow Sports Turf lent an excavator, and they dug a sloping gradient where the horse could climb out.

Prince was treated carefully by the vets and after the recovery was returned to his owner.
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