For 12 years, this woman has been living comfortably in a tiny house made of mud

Mud can be the perfect material for a home not only for children but also for adults.

Bryce and Misty built the home of their dreams using only clay, sand, and straw. They couldn’t afford a huge house and to avoid paying a mortgage they had a fantastic plan.

They built a house’s structural components are timber or lumber, depending on the building. The house had all that the couple needed and was perfectly suited to the couple’s eco-goals.

The couple lives a unique life in their unusual house and utilizes solar power. But they also have a wind turbine available. They raise various animals and food production is too important for them.

Their lifestile is homesteading. Their children also are raised in a sustainable lifestyle. Bryce and Misty’s daughters are homeschooled and learning valuable homesteading lessons on the property.

When the couple built the house they couldn’t have imagined that they would have such an amazing life there. But now they are living a car-free, debt-free, off-grid life and are raising their 2 daughters with great pleasure in a perfect location.

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