Senior Elephant Fully Reclaims Freedom After Being Heavily Chained for Five Decades

Wild animals should enjoy their natural environment until old age. Cages and chains affect wild animals not only physically but also emotionally. And only if their natural habitats are endangered they should be taken somewhere else. The best place for them should be sanctuaries where the staff will keep them safe and well-cared for without being restricted.

Aaron Jackson, the founder of Planting Peace, began his journey as he was devastated after a documentary about the horrible abuse Asian Elephants have dealt with through the years. He bought a ticket to Southeast Asia and flew there in hope of saving elephants being in slavery.

On his birthday Aaron found a poor elephant with heavy chains on her neck. So he began helping the poor creature immediately and soon managed to remove the chains. After 50 years of enslavement, the elephant was finally free and the 30-foot chains were far away from her.

Aaron made up his mind and flew especially on his birthday and then claimed that every year he would rescue an elephant.

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