The airline offers free plane tickets to adopters of three stray kittens

Adopting a shelter animal always has its benefits. But by adopting one of these three little cute kittens one will be awarded airline tickets.

The Las Vegas Animal Foundation recently made a post about three little kittens who were named after the famous airlines.

The three little kittens were named Frontier, Spirit, and Delta. Frontier airlines soon responded to this fact and decided to make a sweet present to the one who was going to adopt one of these kittens.

The Airlines offered flight vouchers to the adopters of the three cats. They offered two for the adopters of Delta and Spirit, valuing at a total of $500.

After the news, some animal lovers blamed teh Airlines for not treating animals properly. They thought that those who would appear as adopters were only interested in the airline tickets and that the cats might not find loving homes.

But the Animal Foundation took a long thorough examination of all the adopters. So this award is just an extra incentive to encourage the adoption.

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