The diver helped the shark at depth and swam on. Three months later it met the man and recognized him

When a group of divers was exploring the coastal waters, suddenly a silhouette of a shark was spotted.

It was obvious that the shark was in great need. The huge animal was entangled in a net with hooks obstructing its fins. The divers immediately responded and set the shark free. One of the divers was Jim Abernathy, known in Florida as “The Shark Shepherd.”

He had a great experience connected to these formidable creatures and knew exactly how to help the “poor” shark. The enormous mammal was not aggressive and let the divers help.

3 months later, Abernathy was diving in teh same places when a shark approached him and showed a great interest in the diver. Abernathy recognized that it was the same shark that he saved 3 months ago.

“It swam up to me quite calmly, like an old friend. And even let me pet it!” the diver told reporters.

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