10 years ago, Snow White was born in a Nigerian family, what does the girl look like now?

After having two children already and spending some time in England, Ben and Angela decided to have a third child. However, the arrival of a child astounded both parents and medical professionals!

A daughter was born in 2010 with white complexion, blonde hair, and adorable curls.

Ben had no reason to mistrust his wife’s loyalty because the child would have been mulatto if she had given birth to a white guy.

Doctors concluded after conducting tests and research that the girl’s unusual skin and hair colors were caused by a genetic defect. Fortunately, this deformity had no effect whatsoever on the baby’s health.

The young girl is now ten years old. She is completely healthy and shows no developmental differences from her peers. The girl’s father may clearly be seen in the girl’s facial traits.

Although it is not common for this race to experience such a condition, it is entirely feasible.

Her family refers to her as an angel.

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