20 Horrible Tattoos That Were Shamed On This Facebook Page

It seems sense to use caution while applying permanent ink to skin. However, certain tattoos might genuinely make you wonder about the patient’s or the tattoo artist’s state of mind.

In the Facebook group “That’s It, I’m Inkshaming,” embarrassing tattoos are shown in an effort to generate humor. See some of the funny tattoo mishaps by scrolling down. And if you unintentionally received a poor tattoo, you might wish to read our earlier article about tattoo revisions.

#1 Book Your Appointment Right Away Found On A Dubious Sales Page!

#2 Christ Jesus Tapdancing

#3 The Little Girl Appears To Be A Toothpaste Tube

#4 There’s A Lot To Unpack Here

#5 Saw On Ig

#6 I erroneously believed it was supposed to be a pile of wood

#7 The artist told me he could create the look of watercolors. This is how it transpired.

#8 Similar to Katherine Ryan

#9 They Remind Me of Coal Factory Workers from the Industrial Era

#10 Why?

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