A real hero. Cat Masha from Obninsk saved the life of a two-month-old baby.

Cases where animals save people inspire genuine awe. We’ll tell you about another hero today, this time one who saved a kitten. I’m Masha. She rose to fame in both Russian and international media. Masha resides in the Kaluga region’s Obninsk city.



Unknown individuals abandoned a two-month-old infant at the entryway to an apartment building. There, resident nurse Nadezhda Mokhvikova heard a cat meowing in agony. Thinking that Masha the yard cat was being insulted, she went out into the entrance. To assist the cat, she ran.

She was however startled to discover a young youngster sobbing at the entrance. A boy around two months old was there. The infant was well-groomed and clean, and next to him was a bag containing pricey diapers and a bottle of food fusion for children. Masha meowed in dismay close by and tried her best to soothe the infant. She had already warmed the infant until he awoke.

Masha meowed when the ambulance arrived and tried to get into the car by chasing after the driver, but she was not allowed to do so. Instead, she stood and watched them drive away. The cat was sitting in the box, longing for the kid.

Following this happened, a lot of people—including those from abroad—wanted to adopt such a miracle as Masha. But the people who lived in this entrance kept her. The kid was in excellent health. He was coveted by many different families, but he ultimately went to a Russian family; however, for ethical reasons, specifics are not disclosed.

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