Coffee and milk: What do the babies of this wonderful couple look like?

Coffee and milk are an odd couple, but you can’t argue with that. They serve as a shining example of how love knows no age restrictions, social mores, or preconceived notions.

Nevertheless, it is fascinating to see the offspring of mixed relationships. After all, it is difficult to foresee the baby’s appearance.

Interracial couple Jamie and Nikki Perkins live together. The fact that the couples have varied skin tones is no longer a source of wonder or astonishment, as it may have been twenty years ago. In Australia’s Melbourne, the family resides. They were wed five years ago.

Nikki manages her own YouTube channel, works as a model, and participates in numerous photo sessions. She also has a more than a million-follower Instagram account.

Jamie is a photographer and a videographer, and he also writes on YouTube and Instagram.

Two daughters belong to the couple. Both girls are mulattoes by birth.

Dark genes typically predominate. For instance, a baby is more likely to be born with dark eyes if mom has blue eyes and dad has brown eyes.

Blue eyes, straight, light hair, and red hair are regarded as recessive traits.

But in this instance, we cannot claim that the mother’s genes prevailed because the girls inherited characteristics from both parents.

Additionally, it has occurred with Hannah and Kyle’s twins, who have distinct skin tones.

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