Dad talked to his daughter for all 9 months. She recognized his voice when he said the first word to her

It has been demonstrated by science that children start to hear, recognize, and respond to noises even while still within the womb.

When Brazilian Flavio Dantas found out about his wife’s pregnancy, he was ecstatic.

The child was spoken to frequently by the prospective father.

Before leaving for work, he said farewell to his daughter, told her about his day, discussed movies, and other things. Once he realized his daughter was moving more when Flavio was speaking.

His wife Tarsila was correct when she assumed that the infant could already recognize their voices.

Flavio visited his daughter after she was born to speak with her in person. She started to smile as soon as she heard his voice.
In order to give the unborn child enough time to become accustomed to the voice and feel secure next to his parents, it is advised to speak to him more frequently while he is still in the womb.

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