“Got fat and old”: new pictures of 70-years-old Kirsty Alley appeared on the network

When Kirsty was one of the most popular actresses, she frequently acted as John Travolta’s companion. She possessed all the traits required to succeed in the film industry—beautiful, intelligent, and talented.

We are familiar with her from the films “Summer school,” “Look Who’s Talking,” and “Village of the Damned.” Families appeared to have gathered in front of the TVs just yesterday to watch a movie with her in it, but today this 70-year-old woman does not resemble the person we knew at all.

New images of the celebrity have just surfaced on the network. On a Hollywood street, the woman was captured in a reporter’s camera. Fans were astonished by the actress’s current appearance.

“Time, what have you done with her?” and “How deplorably ugly she has grown to be.” Social network users said of the image, “It could have been better.”

Loyal supporters defended the actress and responded to the critics, asking, “What did you want? She’s 70 years old! “, “As good as before,” “Don’t pay attention to anyone,” “Kirsty, you look lovely,”

You liked this actress, right? What do you think of her current appearance?

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