In 2007, five girls were born in the Artamkin family. Girls are already 12 years old. How does the family live today?

The Artamkin family’s life takes a fortunate turn in 2007. Varvara and Dmitry had five daughters, all of whom were magnificent and stunning.

Varvara had an ultrasound while she was still pregnant, and it was discovered that the woman is carrying up to five embryos under her heart. Doctors expressed concern over the circumstance and recommended that the couple destroy two embryos in order to reduce further hazards. However, because Artamkin’s people are believers, they rejected it and determined that everything will turn out as God wills.

Russian medical professionals refused to handle such a numerous pregnancy, so the Artamkins traveled abroad to give birth.

Five lovely girls were delivered during the 26th week of pregnancy, and they were placed right away in an incubator for premature infants. The infants grew normally, put on weight, finally became more robust, and returned to their native Moscow.

The state provided them with a four-room flat with furnishings and repairs as soon as they arrived.

Of course, raising five kids at once is challenging, and the couple was exhausted, but with each other’s and their family’s support, everything turned out well.

Naturally, it was difficult to accept that we had five children and five new lives. However, having kids has made our lives happier. I’ve always wanted kids, so I’m thrilled to have so many of them now. Sincere to say, I don’t think there’s much separating our family from any other big family. My husband and I are adamant that having a single child makes things considerably harder because he feels his parents’ constant attention so intensely and is consequently lot more impulsive. And when there are five kids at once, they realize that the mother is by herself and cannot be torn apart, Varvara explains.

Elizabeth, Alexandra, Nadezhda, Tatiana, and Varvara were the names of the girls. They are all wholly unique, according to their parents, both in terms of look and personality. The fourth-born girl suffered from frequent illnesses. She often suffered from bronchitis, pneumonia, etc. She did, however, grow stronger with time.

The sisters attended the first class in 2015.

“I’m happy that my daughters will attend the same school and be able to help one another. The mother exclaims, “How frightening it must be for a youngster to go to school alone for the first time, without the support of his siblings and sisters.

The girls have been attending church since they were young, are now 12 years old, and are fully matured. The Artamkins demonstrated by their example that nothing is impossible when a loved one is present to provide a trustworthy shoulder.

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