Our acquaintance has a grief: her son decided to marry a girl “not of our class”.

I feel for the woman because I have a boy of my own and would be concerned too.
I did, however, recall one Ivanova.
This Ivanova son brought up the fact that Marina was present, and we signed. Ivanov’s relatives include a leading cardiologist, two candidates for the position of leading cardiology, a choreographer, a main engineer, and others.
And here is a girl who was clearly raised poorly and was of questionable birth.

However, that girl behaved well despite being unable to be seen or heard.
Ivanova will calm down, said Ivanova’s friend Arina. You’ll keep crying.
Her son traveled to the United States for work in the fall, and his girlfriend stayed with the Ivanovs.
By the start of the new year, the son had returned. In March, he revealed that, among other things, he had met Nicole there, received a contract offer there, and would divorce his fiancée on Thursday before taking off on Friday.

The young woman gathered her possessions.
She had the appearance of a beaten mutt.
Ivanova questioned, “Where should we go?” to het.
The young woman remarked that the hostel bed will be available in a month. Ivanova replied, “You’ll be moving out in a month. Unpack.”

The girl left early for work and returned late, hardly alive and looking worn out.
She made an attempt to provide money for a stay while announcing her ample income with pride.
They lived in this manner for three weeks before Ivanova suddenly fell ill and became hospitalized for one and a half months.
“You, mother, hold on, I’ve thrown you our shot with Nicole, me, Nicole, and Niagara,” the son remarked on multiple occasions.

Rarely did her friend Arina stop by.
The little girl prepared fruit drinks and broths.
Arina remarked, “I’m dubious about this. Are you certain that she didn’t register there? Did she not remove the majority of the apartment?
Ivanova was released, and the girl brought her home after helping her get to the floor because she had no time to enter on her own.
Ivanova entered the kitchen, which was spotless and had a letter on the table.
“Thank you, Svetlana Pavlovna. There is lunch in the fridge. Get better.
Ivanova examined the cache and found everything to be in order.

Ivanova picked up the girl from the hostel and brought her home a week later.

When they went to the store in September to buy the girl an autumn coat, they ran into Arina.

Ivanova might locate a good servant, according to Arina. Come on, Marisha, we still need to hunt for a purse, and we’ll look at the trousers, and I wanted to pick up a scarf for myself. She is not my servant, and she is my daughter-in-law.

Marisha soon had the money to purchase an apartment. Ivanova was also quite concerned for her. “A young, lovely, intelligent girl who also has an apartment. I’m concerned that some jerk won’t trick her.

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