The dog hears his siblings screaming from the drifting canoe and jumps into the water

Rusty the Redbone and Bullet the brindle Mountain Cur may be seen yelling for assistance from the canoe in the video down below. A powerful gust of wind caused the canoe to blow away.

When Robbie hears his anxious father yell for help, the dog leaps into the ocean on its own to reach his siblings.

Before it gets too far, Robbie runs his strong muscles to resolutely swim to the canoe. He uses cunning to swiftly grab the rope used to secure the canoe.

He carefully swims to the shore while pulling the canoe’s hefty weight with the rope firmly gripped in his teeth.


Robbie is absolutely worn out, but Rusty and Bullet are relieved to be back on dry soil. Dad first makes sure the dogs are okay before taking the canoe to a secure location.


As word of this video spread, people began to wonder about Robbie’s extraordinary abilities. Dad subsequently stated that they had spent a lot of time preparing their canines for such rescues.

As the oldest child, Robbie excels at the rescue game and is very protective of his siblings. He really is a heroic canine!

Watch Robbie’s amazing abilities as he saves his brothers from the river by clicking the video below!

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