The girl moved in with her boyfriend, but the dog did not fit into her plans and she simply left it in the trash

It might be difficult to comprehend the extent of human brutality, particularly when it comes to helpless animals. This occurrence took place in America. Michelle, a girl, relocated to a another city, but she had other intentions for the pet.

She probably no longer loves her dog because she just dumped it in the street trash can, where the poor creature endured several days before the garbage guy discovered him.

The dog was severely underweight. It appears that she hasn’t eaten in a while. She also wanted to get rid of the pet in a horrible manner. The canine, who was in severe condition, was brought to a veterinary clinic.

It was later discovered that the animal had a microchip, which allowed the authorities to swiftly identify the owner.

She was detained on suspicion of animal abuse. She was required to pay a sizable fine and submit to a mental capacity test.

Thankfully, the dog’s life and wellbeing are not in danger. He is currently in a shelter, and we sincerely hope that the staff will be able to find him a kind, loving, and caring home, allowing him to put his dreadful past in the past like a nightmare.

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