The girl picks up stray animals from the street and looks for caring families for them

Such individuals merit having their existence recognized. Our post today honors Anastasia Moskalenko, a compassionate young woman who has spent more than a year rescuing stray animals and dogs.

A volunteer’s primary responsibility in a social services organization is as a personnel specialist. Three dogs and four cats are all owned by Nastya. Prior to meeting Nastya, six of them were homeless, but the girl and her husband discovered the seventh pet, a crippled Kurtzhaar dog, by the side of the road. Maggots had already begun to grow inside the dog’s wound, indicating that she had likely been lying there for more than a day after being struck by a car.

The mother and husband of Anastasia make every effort to support and assist her.

With the aid of the Internet and her friends, who disseminate information to as many people as possible, the girl finds a new family for her wards. A St. Petersburg facility provides interim care for some rescued animals.

Even after finding a home for her pets, Anastasia continues to be curious about their life and regularly requests that the new owners email her pictures of the animals.

The girl is able to describe every animal. Noble, a dog whose owners kept him on a chain constantly and fed him porridge, for instance, found a true family and relocated to Finland.

For those who want to help animals but do not yet know how, Anastasia offers some excellent advise. Giving precise information about a found animal on social media and instant messengers is the most efficient way to contact its owners. Remember to include the photo as well. To ensure that the greatest number of people are interested in the animal, you must first transform it into the appropriate form.

People must remember that taking care of animals is part of their duties. Always remember that being kind will pay off.

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