The owner of the one-eyed dog shoots an answer back to a stranger who insults his four-legged friend

Dr. James Greenwood, a veterinarian and BBC presenter, is the owner of one of the cutest dogs in the world. Even though Oliver, his Labrador Retriever, only has one eye, he has the happiest little face. Given his conviction that all dogs are lovely, Greenwood is pleased to exhibit Oliver.

The day of Greenwood was destroyed by a stranger. Despite the fact that Oliver receives thousands of compliments on his cuteness, it only takes one person to spoil the experience.

Oliver was the target of a crude remark regarding his appearance, which is patently untrue. This motivated Greenwood to discuss the subject in public.

No room for hatred
Greenwood used social media to express her feelings following a traumatic encounter. A passing stranger referred to the attractive Oliver as “damn ugly.” Even though Greenwood was incensed, he refrained from raising a fuss. Instead, he informed all of his online followers about the awful individual.

Oliver isn’t “damn ugly,” according to this person today. He is a dog, though. and unable to respond. which rendered you totally foolish. Alongside a sweet image of Oliver, Greenwood stated, “You are an absolute evil.

Oliver lost his eye as a puppy after being assaulted by an older Labrador. He was an abandoned puppy by himself. But because he felt he was attractive, Greenwood later brought him home.

Many people were offended by Greenwood’s message, but it also inspired a lot of affection. Many people expressed their love for Oliver.

Hundreds more strangers also sent Greenwood pictures of their dogs with one eye. Every puppy is equally cute!
No dog, of course, is unattractive.

The kind remarks of all Greenwood’s devoted followers reminded him of this. Fortunately, there are many more people wanting to help others and spread positivity for every unkind person.

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