The veterinarian offered to euthanize this man’s service dog and he decided to give joy to all retired dogs.

Every living thing ought to be treated with respect, especially as they age. However, at retirement age, service dogs should receive special attention and enjoy the honors of fame and respect. They keep the peace and protect humans.



The truth, though, is less rosy. It seems that service dogs are just ignored, donated to shelters, and kept there. But our hero for today saw that these dogs deserved a better disposition.

The man made the decision to construct a sanctuary for retiring police canines. He invested more than 150,000 yuan on this. He carefully planned the shelter, considering all the requirements of the dogs, to make sure they were as comfortable as possible.

There were training areas since the dogs needed to maintain their fitness while they grew accustomed to the movement.

Chinese Bai, the shelter’s owner, says he views dogs as members of his family. The man does every effort to maintain normal operations in the shelter. He personally prepares their meals, administers their medications, and plays with them. He also doesn’t have any days off. Every day he is at the shelter.

However, appreciative dogs demonstrate that his efforts were not in vain, and when a retired dog is once more able to jump over a barrier, he once more experiences a surge of vigor, youth, and enthusiasm.

We want to thank him for his hard work and wish him luck in this challenging endeavor.

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