The volunteers rescued a dog and found a new home for him

Nickie was a typical German Shepherd that was homeless. He lived on the street, which was more comfortable, and had no family. Unknown circumstances led to the dog’s paw injury, which was bothersome to him.

Many people located Nickie, noticed the paw, and took him to the veterinarian. Veterinarians would be pleased to treat the dog, but his finders lacked the funds to do so. The clinic was unable to free-up the dog’s illness, therefore they were unable to assist.

After this occurrence, another individual saw the dog resting in the snow on the sidewalk. He snapped a photo of Nickie despite being confused and shared it in a group with volunteers who aided the animals. That group’s presence helped the volunteers spot the dog. With the aid of the fund they established, the necessary sum of money was quickly raised.

Nickie was treated, and it was simple to find her new owners. There were lots of people who wanted to adopt the dog and become his new family. The dog was therefore given to someone who were delighted to take him home. His new name is Marlene; the new owners gave him that name. A few issues with adaptation came up. The family also owns a number of cats, and at first the cats weren’t very thrilled about the new member of the family.

But the dog was a lovely, amiable creature. The kittens became close to Marlene and fell in love with her very quickly. Marlene was initially terrified of everything. even the tiniest items and quietest noises. He always left the house as a result of this. Although there were many challenges, the dog with a caring family managed to overcome them all. Marlene currently leads a fulfilling life. The dog’s paw is also in excellent health, and nothing remains of Nickie from the past—not a broken paw, not an unattractive appearance, not even the name.

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