The wolf came to ask for food and the forester felt sorry for her. Two months later, three wolves came to the village and thanked the man.

A slender wolf was what the forester Stepan observed when he stepped outside the lodge on a wintry evening after hearing noises coming from under the fence. After giving it some thinking, he decided to still bring her some frozen meat because the forest was abnormally empty in the winter and it had become exceedingly challenging for the animals to obtain food.

The forester thought the animal’s conduct was peculiar. Except in cases of extreme hunger, predators rarely venture outside of their own territory to hunt or to interact with humans.

The wolf started to visit the village for food more frequently, and the villagers even started to reprimand the forester because nobody wanted to see a woodland animal there. However, Stepan ignored them and carried on feeding the animals. He realized that when the wolf is hungry, the village is in more danger.

The wolf’s visits eventually ceased. Everyone was content, with the exception of Stepan, who was bored and already accustomed to seeing guests.

The forester heard a recognizable roar outside the window about two months later. As the guy rushed into the yard, he abruptly noticed that the wolf had brought two more pups from the group. The animals silently observed Stepan.

The forester suddenly understood that the wolf was probably feeding the young cubs with the meat he had been giving her throughout the winter. And now that the entire pack has relocated, the wolf has arrived to bid farewell. Stepan was correct; no wolves have been spotted in the region since then.

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