This 11-Yr-Old With Down’s Syndrome Was Bullied So The Country’s President Went To School With Her

What actions do the higher ups take when someone is bullied? They enact legislation to combat bullying. But in a rare but lovely incident, President Stevo Pendarovski escorted an 11-year-old Down syndrome girl to her school in North Macedonia.

Due to her down syndrome, the girl, Embla Ademi, was being tormented at school.

After learning about it, President Stevo Pendarovski made the decision to meet with her and her family. Additionally, he shared a video of his meeting with Embla and her parents at their house on his official Instagram account. He gave Embla some books as a gift before leading her hand as they made their way to school.

“Visiting the family of 11-year-old Embla Ademi from Gostivar,” said the title of the video. The example of Embla serves as a reminder of our prejudices and the need for more comprehensive protection and care for children with impairments.

In this society, we are all equal. I came here to show my support and to spread the message that inclusivity is a fundamental value. – Pendarovski, President

Prior to the video, he also shared some images with the remark, “Wonderful day spent with Embla in Gostivar. The rights of children must never take precedence over prejudice. Embla’s grin and the smiles of all children with abnormal development are our shared responsibility.

Learning impairments, health issues, and unusual facial features are all symptoms of the hereditary disease known as Down syndrome. The difficulties Embla and her family have on a daily basis were discussed with her parents by President Pendarovski, along with potential remedies.

They should feel equal and welcomed at the school desks and schoolyard in addition to enjoying the privileges they are due. Empathy is a crucial component of this shared task, which is something we have a responsibility to do both as a state and as people. – Pendarovski, President

In a statement issued by his office, the president stated, “It will benefit kids like Embla, but it will also help us learn from them how to really enjoy, share, and be in solidarity.”

Social media users praised President Pendarovski for his kindness as a result of the photographs and video he shared going viral.

excerpted from Scoop Whoop

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