What does a girl who 2 years ago weighed only 30 kilograms look like now

She hardly weighed 30 kilograms. The girl made the decision that she needed to take care of her body, so she tightly reduced her calorie intake to between 300 and 400 per day while simultaneously engaging in three hours of running.

“It wasn’t about trying to look a specific way or losing weight. Rav fessed up, “I wanted to be better.

Her weight soon dropped to just 30 kg, her hair started falling out, and her general health declined.

The girl was severely weakened when she first started her studies at the medical institute, and the teachers there prevented her from returning to class until she was fully recovered. She was told to speak with a psychologist and a therapist.

The girl was checked by professionals, given therapy, and made to restart eating a complete, balanced diet. Rav lamented, “It is hard for a person with a mental disease to accept that he suffers from it.

Sarah managed to put on 19 kg in just two years. To build muscle, she began coming to the gym and working out in accordance with the suggested training schedule.

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