Woman Gets Labeled A Jerk For Refusing To Attend Friend’s Wedding After Her Fiance Is Not Invited

Nobody is here to contest the reality that each bride (and, ideally, each groom) has certain expectations, guidelines, and rules for their individual wedding. Given that it is their celebration, it makes sense.

But you should have the option to decide not to attend the wedding if a rule doesn’t set well with you, right? Particularly if this restriction is predicated on dubious presumptions, presumptions that essentially assert that you don’t get a plus one because the plus one, in the bride’s opinion, won’t last and she ain’t having any ex-husbands in her wedding. even if they don’t belong to her. And at this time, they aren’t even ex-spouses.

Weddings have rules, but some of them are more debatable than others, as evidenced by this particular bride’s choices.

u/MadMOH2710, a mad Reddit user and maid of honor, went to the Am I The A-Hole community (also quite fittingly called, I guess?) to describe her intriguing situation.

Simply put, OP was scheduled to serve as the maid of honor in a friend’s wedding. But after a while, she discovered that her ten-year boyfriend, with whom she will soon have a kid and whom she will soon marry, was not invited as her plus one.

Reddit was used by an ex-maid of honor to resolve a conflict involving a bride who decided not to invite the bride’s plus one due to her own religious convictions.

Woman Gets Labeled A Jerk For Refusing To Attend Friend’s Wedding After Her Fiance Is Not Invited

The OP and her husband should determine this, but the bride insisted on her point of view because it was her wedding and she had the right to speak her mind. That bride said, “Accept it or leave, I am not in the mood to deal with that drama.”

In fact, OP did. She backed out of the wedding and declared she wouldn’t be the maid of honor. A bold decision that conveys a message. The common friend eventually attacked her, stating it was inappropriate of her to have done so and that her choices should be honored as it was the bride’s wedding.

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