Labrador self-carries himself in public transport for a walk

A black dog from Seattle named Eclipse has become a real TV star in the last few days.

The problem is that this Labrador goes for walks on its own.

Every Day This Dog Rides The Bus All By Herself To Go To The Park | Bored Panda

Every day he comes to the bus stop by himself, waits for a suitable bus, gets on it, and walks to the place by himself.

Eclipse’s owner told reporters that various people continued to call him, believing the dog had gone missing. When they say exactly where the dog is, the owner, again confirming that the route is correct, replies:
“Don’t worry, he knows where to go.”

Meet the Dog Who Rides the Bus to the Park All by Herself | The Dog People by
The man took him for a walk somewhere. And one day, after hesitantly finishing his cigarette, he went for a walk himself, realizing that the Labrador was not waiting for him.

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