Lost German Shepherd Mix Found 14 Months Later And Over 1,600 Miles Away From Home

It is always heartwarming to see how two separated lovers reunite again.

A poor German Shepherd went missing for 14 months. The German Shepherd named Zeppelin was discovered in Kansas.

Heather Reichert, who found Zeppelin in a meadow in Kansas, said it’s not uncommon to see stray dogs roaming her property.
“I went out to the pasture to see what our dog was barking at and found him. I locked him up overnight and went to the vet yesterday morning,” said Reichert. “The rest is history.”

Zeppelin was taken to the Wildcat Veterinary Clinic, and they were able to identify the dog and his family from his microchip.

In a news interview, O’Neil said he never gave up hope of finding Zeppelin. “I drove past where I last saw him and prayed a little bit. I found,” said O’Neill. And Zeppelin was able to get home in time for Christmas!


“We are so blessed and grateful to everyone involved. Many have worked tirelessly to keep track of every step of the journey. Thank you to all the people who put their time and energy into loving him,” O’Neill said.

This story just proves the importance of microchipping pets. Even if you’re sure your dog won’t leave your property, let alone thousands of miles from home, you won’t know until it’s too late.

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