The Truth Behind This Photo Of Princess Diana Sleeping At A Formal Event

To many, Princess Diana seemed to have it all, but in reality, she was unhappy.

It makes a lot of sense to look back at old photos of her now that we know the tragedy that befell her life.

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There is a photo of Diana in her early years of marriage, sleeping in her chair during an event she attended as Princess of Wales, which seems strange and perhaps rude for a princess to fall asleep at a major media event. Shortly thereafter, it was announced that she was pregnant with Prince William!

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An exhausted Diana was trying to adjust to her life as a new wife andnew queen, and her adjustments weren’t easy. A new baby on the way will certainly change things, at least for a while.

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The first trimester of her pregnancy was notoriously stressful, which explains why she fell asleep in the most unexpected of places. From that moment on, the palace opened to the curious public. Buckingham Palace has officially announced that the Prince and Princess of Wales are expecting their first child.

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Unfortunately, despite becoming the mother of the heir to the British throne, we know she was never wanted or welcomed. During the harassment, she often had suicidal thoughts.

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Diana loved her sons William and Harry. But as we all know, she didn’t get the happy ending we all wanted.
But this moment and this photo tell a story. It’s a reminder that you can never really know what’s going on with someone.

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