A man took in a tiny kitten, and it grew bigger than his dog

Nico was hurrying home when he found a little kitten in the middle of the road.

A little red-haired kitten was sitting in the middle of the sidewalk, shivering desperately with fear and cold. The kitten was very small and hard to see, but he meowed desperately to get some attention.
Nico picked up the kitten and brought it home. The man thought he would just feed and warm the baby and then find a new home for it. Nico covered the kitten with his coat and as soon as the kitten warmed up he stopped crying.
In the new home, Nico made a small crib. The baby turned out to be cute and funny, and the man began to think about finding a new family for him. The dog that lives in Nico’s house is also welcoming the baby. A few days later, Nico was adamant that the baby would live with him.

When he was one year old, he was much taller than his relatives. Niko decided to do some research on his pet breeds, and after searching on the internet, he knew that he found a Maine Coon on the street. I’m sure you found it. These cats are true record-breakers among their breed. They grow up to 1 meter tall and weigh about 10 kilograms. Time passed, and his legs became stronger, his fur became longer and thicker, and tassels appeared on his ears.

Nico’s pet has grown even by his breed standards. The cat weighs 14 kilograms, much larger than a domestic dog. If at first, the cat was in the palm of your hand, now it is not easy to hold it in your arms for a long time. He became the largest tomcat of his breed.

Nico loves his pets, he does not forbid anything and loves to pamper them. At night, the cat needs half of the owner’s bed and bathes only in the bath.

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