A woman stole 5 eggs to feed her children: the policeman did not arrest her and found another solution to the problem

Mrs. Johnson was earning very little money while trying to support two daughters, two grandchildren, and a niece. The children range from 1 to 3 years old and the woman hardly afforded everything they needed. For about two days, the family had been suffering from hunger, so the woman decided to take the risk and steal groceries from the nearest store.

Neither did she succeed. Because she quickly grabbed five eggs from the shelf but they ended up broken in her pocket. The seller noticed this and called the police despite the customer’s pleas.

Police officer William Stacy arrived at the store. First, he asked her a few questions and after telling her the story of her difficult life, decided not to arrest the assailant.

The police checked to make sure that everything the woman said to him was true. The next day he came again with his partner and brought food.

The woman burst into tears and hugged her rescuer tightly.

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