Doctors Doubted That This Dog Will Ever Walk Again Due to Spinal Stroke, but Maggie Certainly Proved Them Wrong

Megan Donoghue and Jacob Beasley are pet parents to a Schwinnie dog named Maggie. She was diagnosed with a stroke when she was five years old and her doctors questioned her recovery. Maggie’s pet parents offered to put Maggie to sleep but refused because they still had hopes for their fur baby. And they did the right thing by declining the veterinarian’s recommendation because Maggie had a chance.

The Schwinn dog underwent hydrotherapy, physical therapy, massage, and acupuncture. She contributed so well and was thrilled to finally be walking around and having fun.

All her efforts and expenses were worth it, and two years later Maggie was able to move her limbs again. She no longer uses a stroller or walker her stroke is finally gone from her life.

Megan and Jacob have done a great job of giving Maggie hopes. Since then, the dog has lived her best life. You wouldn’t even realize she had a stroke before. She finally proved the doctors wrong by enduring her parents’ love and taking her shower.

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