In two years in the Dead Sea, a wedding dress turned into a work of art

Israeli artist Sigarit Landau grew up on the shores of the Dead Sea. Since childhood, she has been fascinated by the saltiest waters on earth. When Sigalit turned to art, salt became one of her favorite materials in her work. One of the first works of art is an unusual wedding dress.

Sigalit Landau soaked the dress in the waters of the Dead Sea for two years and after the allotted time pulled her true masterpiece out of the water.

Israeli artist Sigarit Landau has already created several works using Dead Sea salt. Her latest project is called The Salt Bride. For this, she soaked her wedding dress in Dead Sea water and prepared to wait.

The artist was inspired by the play Dibbuk written by Roy Henna in 1916. It tells the story of a Hasidic girl who is about to marry a man from a wealthy family but is possessed by the spirit of her dead lover.
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