Mamma’s or Daddy’s: Look how beautiful Julianna Moore’s daughter has become

Julianne Moore and her husband the famous filmmaker Bart Freundlich had two children. Caleb and Liv were the famous children of famous parents. The celebrity’s daughter recently turned 20.

Liv & Caleb Freundlich Celebrate Mom Julianne Moore's Hollywood Star


She became a very beautiful girl and already managed to capture the media’s attention to her.

This is Julianne Moore's beauty advice to her daughter

Liv has inherited her mother’s red hair and beautiful gray eyes. She also has inherited some of her father’s features but mother’s traits prevail.

Julianne Moore & Daughter Liv Pose Together For Cosmetics Campaign –  Hollywood Life

She does her first steps in the movie “Babysitter on Call.” Now Liv takes part in various photoshoots of various products.

Like Mother, Like Daughter

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