A woman bought a quail egg in a store and put it with her parrot

At a regular grocery store, Luna bought a carton of quail eggs. One of them was destined for a naturalistic experience, and her pet parrot, Pin-chan, was assigned the role of the brooder. Potential fathers were skeptical about the unidentified object at first, but upon closer inspection, it began to hatch.

The parrot, in her turn, approached this process with all the responsibility of a bird, creating the most comfortable conditions.

At first, the blogger girl assured her that nothing would come of this venture, as she says that the eggs that come to the store are not fertilized. However, after a while, the shell of the egg broke and to everyone’s surprise, a baby quail hatched from the egg. This event shocked Luna and she didn’t know how to deal with it. She shared her joy online, but also expressed her concerns about getting her new pet.

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