Secret affair with a married man: Julia Roberts found out she’s wearing someone else’s last name

Recently the Pretty Woman actress with the help of Dr. Henry Louis Gates Jr. became the star of the Ancestory program “Searching for Your Roots” to learn more about her ancestry through archival research.

Finding Your Roots': Henry Louis Gates Jr.'s New PBS Series (Video)

But Julia Roberts hadn’t thought that the secrets of her ancestors should be so thrilling.

Julia Roberts found out through Ancestry DNA she's not actually a Roberts

The results of the research showcased that her last name was not Roberts.

Henry Louis Gates Jr on Twitter: "Is Julia Roberts Actually a "Roberts"?  Julia Roberts learns through DNA that her “great-great grandfather” Willis  Roberts could not be related to her. Watch her reaction

It turned out that Julia Roberts’ great-great-grandmother Rhoda Suttle Roberts had an affair with a married man after her husband Willis Roberts passed away. Rhoda and Willis were married in the 1850s. Willis Roberts died in 1864 which was 10 years before Rhoda gave birth to Julia’s great-grandfather John. Willis wasn’t recorded in the 1880 census and John Pendleton Roberts was named as Julia’s great-grandfather. See hos the archival research revealed this secret in teh video below.

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