“Wear what makes you feel good!”: 73-year-old hits back at critics

Model and fashionista Colleen Heidemann have hit back at critics who have accused her outfit of being “age-appropriate.”

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The model, who has amassed more than 319,000 followers on TikTok for breaking the anti-senior stereotype, posted an encouraging video of her rocking a variety of swimsuits.

年紀才不是枷鎖!60歲才開始當麻豆,「Colleen Heidemann」自信模樣讓你心神蕩漾! | Dappei搭配| LINE TODAY
“This swimsuit is not age-appropriate,” she wrote at the beginning of her Tiktok.

Wear what makes you feel good!”: 73-year old hits back at critics | OverSixty
His modeling career began at the age of 69, and now he has released various videos of behind-the-scenes shots during photo shoots, all his stylish outfits, and clips of him working out with bold and motivational captions. doing. “The temperatures are rising, but all I want to say to you is wear what makes you feel beautiful. All bodies are swimwear bodies,” she captioned.

Follow her on her TikTok page and you will learn many new things about this wonderful motivating woman.

@colleen_heidemann Be aware and be as active as you are possibly able….DON’T GIVE IN TO LETHARGY—a very real enemy of the body and mind❣️❣️❣️ . #keepmoving #workoutover70 #gymsession #sportsession ♬ original sound – Rachel Jade | Hula Dancercise

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