76-year-old grandmother walks 24 kilometers a day to take her disabled grandson to school and back

The 76-year-old Shi Yuying, who lives in China’s Guangxi province, has been walking her grandson, Zhang Haowen, to school every day for the past four years. That’s 24 kilos!
He had cerebral palsy and needed constant care. He was diagnosed when he was two years old. His parents tried to treat him with no results, apart from huge debts.

Now his father works in another city and his mother married another man when the baby was four years old. As a result, his grandmother was always with him, carrying him until July 2017, when local authorities donated a wheelchair to his family. She took him to school daily and picked him up twice daily.

Her faith in her grandchild gave her strength. She was confident that Haowen would succeed no matter what. He was a smart boy. He was particularly good at mathematics, and his memory surprised many.

Shi sincerely believes and hopes that she can find a suitable school for the disabled to send Haowen to. Meanwhile, she does not lose hope and continues to fight for his future alone.

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