Boy walks almost three thousand kilometers to hug his grandmother: look at them when they finally meet

Schoolboy Romeo Cox left the city of Palermo on June 20 and walked with his father, Phil, to London to visit his grandmother, Rosemary.

About 3,000 kilometers of road they had to cross the territory of Italy, Switzerland, and France.
The journey turned out to be incredible and fraught with danger. In Rome, father and son must fight a pack of stray dogs in England to tame a wild donkey.

Travelers walked through mountains and dense forests, sailed along rivers in boats, and rode bicycles and donkeys. According to Romeo, it would have been better to walk the distance because it was so uncomfortable to ride.

They slept wherever they could: churches, hostels, campsites, and even floors in other people’s homes.

On the 21st of September, 93 days after his journey began, Romeo and his father finally reached Trafalgar Square.

After two weeks of quarantine, a long-awaited meeting between her grandmother Rosemary and her grandson took place. Their meeting was worth the whole travelling process.
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