Pitbull dies after saving teenager’s life by warning her about house fire

Dogs are incredibly loyal animals. They have great instincts, often perceive danger before humans, and in emergencies often put people’s safety ahead of their own.

That was the case after a dog recently died tragically while rescuing a teenager from a burning house.
Jennifer Olenikzak was alerted by a “loud, loud knock” on her door at midnight on New Year’s Eve. When Jennifer woke up to investigate, she heard her neighbors yelling that their house was on fire.

As the flames spread, Jennifer began warning her family (her husband and her 15-year-old daughter Jaley) to leave her home while grabbing her pet Shih Tzu and her six puppies.

Her daughter Jaley was still inside the burning house, but she was fortunately alerted by Ollie, her family’s pet pit bull. It was her dog’s interference that allowed her to wake up and escape in time, which saved her life.

“Ollie walked into her room and she said, ‘Oh, I heard the door,'” Jennifer told the outlet. 
The family lost a lot in the fire. Not only did they lose their home, but they also lost 7 dogs. They managed to save only 4 dogs.

Unfortunately, Ollie was not allowed out of the building. He hadn’t been seen for days, and the family hoped the heroic dog would show up somewhere. On Jan. 9, Jennifer’s husband visited the house and confirmed Ollie had died in the fire. Tragically, he was still right by her bed in Kaylee’s room. He likely collapsed from inhaling smoke.

The family was heartbroken, but they knew the faithful dog had given his life for their daughter.

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