Single mom of four builds a huge house with her little ones by following YouTube videos

Meet a beautiful woman named Kara Brookins. These days, her life is filled with fear, despair, and anxiety. Carla has gone through two divorces and a ruthless husband, which makes her life real chaos.

She was left with her four children. At that moment, she decided that they needed to radically change their life. One day Kara saw how a tornado hit her apartment. As a result, only the foundation of the building remained. This sight gave Kara the idea to build a new house. 

Her children were then aged 2, 11, 15, and 17. To carry out the planned project, she had to obtain a $150,000 loan from the bank. Armed with building materials and YouTube videos, the whole family set out to build a big house.

They learned how to pour concrete, cover walls with plasterboard, lay bricks, and, most importantly, work collaboratively.

Now Kara doesn’t worry about her children.
She claims that after building a house, they are not afraid of difficulties!

“It was incredibly naive to build a house with no experience, but courage can sometimes mask naivety,” admits Kara.

The house is now huge 1066 square feet!

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