Single mom refused to leave her disabled son, and now he is a Harvard student

This story proves once more that a mother’s love knows no boundaries.

This woman is a real heroine. During her pregnancy, she found out that there was a problem with her unborn baby. She knew that her baby was supposed to be born with paralysis.

Though many women would lose hope and even interrupt the pregnancy this woman turned out to be very strong. Right after the baby was born, her husband began to persuade her. He asked his wife not to take the baby out of the hospital.

Also, the doctors sided with her husband and assured her mother that her child would only be a burden to her.

But the mother persisted. As soon as she was discharged from the hospital with her baby, she filled out all the necessary documents for her divorce. She promised herself that she would give her son a decent future.

Of course, she had to work hard to keep her promise. And the child needed constant training that contributes to the development of memory and skills.

But the mother didn’t give up. She was able to provide everything the baby needed.

After 29 years the woman felt granted. The child grew up and became a real man!

Dean, as he is known, has become a unique and popular specialist in environmental protection.

A few years later, Dean enrolled at Harvard. Imagine his mother’s happiness.

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