“An amazing aura of femininity.” Angelina Jolie was caught in a silk dress on her way out of the hotel

The “The Tourist” actress, 47, bet again in her trademark monotone. She decided for black for this situation. Angie wore a silk maxi dress and a thick trench coat over her shoulders.

She put on her aviator sunglasses and wore them despite the fact that there was no sun. Angelina checked out of the motel early in the morning, before it was light outside.

In addition to her enormous leather YSL bag, the actress was also carrying a cup of coffee. Jolie casually approached the nearby car while ignoring the people who were taking pictures on the sidewalk.

Fans are vocally debating the actress’s new appearance in public. “What is it that she wants to hide? Why the glasses? “Angie is still a beauty, regardless of what anyone thinks! What a beauty, great aura of femininity even in such dreary clothes!” Bloggers wrote, “Didn’t get enough sleep or something else?

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