Barbra Streisand’s son who was sent to boarding school looks like the handsome boy you never expected to see

Hollywood diva Barbra Streisand has multiple romances with notable men. This is not a complete list of the men she has dated, which also includes Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Clint Eastwood, James Brolin, Richard Gere, and Liam Neeson. But in 1967, Barbra only ever gave birth to a boy, Jason, to her first husband Elliott Gould.

The new family member did not bring the young actress joy; rather, it brought her terror. Because Streisand is so afraid of being a bad mother, she sends the boy to residential school. The actress was too busy filming to want to devote time to raising a child. Her inability to be close to her son Barbra was caused by everything that had happened.

For over 20 years, they were totally cut off from one another, and Streisand even missed her heir’s nuptials. And Jason once said he would write a biography on his upbringing under his mother’s strict, controlling guidance.

Gould, who is now 55 years old, was born with an unusual genetic composition that made him a very attractive man. He has appeared in a few films as an actor, although his primary interests are directing and scriptwriting.

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