From the red carpet to intensive care: Elvis Presley’s daughter died – how she lived and looked in recent years

The only kid of the singer and the guitarist passed away on January 12. She was stunning on the red carpet the day before “Elvis,” the movie about her famed father, was nominated for a Golden Globe.

The audience noticed a problem as soon as Presley walked on stage. She uttered her words slowly, as if she were having problems. She strolled while holding onto her friend Jerry Schilling’s hand.

Less than 24 hours later, the housekeeper found Lisa-Marie unconscious in her bedroom. It seemed as though the singer was not breathing at all. The celebrity was revived by the responding medical staff, who then took her to the hospital. Sadly, because the star’s heart kept failing, the miracle never happened.

“I must share the tragic news of the death of my beautiful daughter Lisa Marie. She was a strong, devoted, and passionate woman, according to the singer’s mother, Priscilla Presley.

Lisa Marie had an equal number of tragedies and acts of love. Michael Jackson, whom she regarded as her true love up until the day of her death, and Nicolas Cage, with whom she was married four times each, were her first and second husbands.

A difficult divorce, a drug addiction, health problems, and the suicide of her 28-year-old oldest son were all things Lisa Marie overcame.

Only children, creativity (more for herself than for others), and philanthropy have been the singer’s recent obsessions. She used to own and oversee Elvis Presley Enterprises, but in 2005 she sold the entire business. She would have had enough money from her father’s fortune, though, to live well for a few lives at least. For instance, Lisa-Marie is the owner of Graceland, the well-known Elvis estate in Memphis.

With her oldest daughter Riley and her twin daughters Harper and Finley, both 14 years old, the celebrity has recently been dwelling in her sumptuous California home. They supposedly resided in a home together with Danny Keough, Riley’s father and Presley’s first husband. After the singer became ill while he was driving the twins to school, Danny called the doctors and was able to give his ex-wife a shot that allowed her to make it to the hospital.

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